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The use of drugs and/or alcohol after prolonged periods of time can have devastating effects on an addict’s mental and physical health. When someone uses drugs, they mimic chemicals that are produced naturally by the body. As time progresses, the user will have to take larger doses of the substance, and on a more frequent basis in order to achieve the same euphoric effect. Eventually, the body will produce less of these natural substances, such as serotonin, and rely more on the artificial substitute. As a result, when someone stops using, the detox process can be incredibly uncomfortable for both their mental and physical state.

Drug detox cannot be avoided entirely, but there are ways to lessen the discomfort. Drug rehabilitation centers offer detoxification treatment upon entering the program. In severe cases, a medical detox may be necessary to avoid serious health risks associated with the process. During medical detoxification, drugs are administered by skilled medical professionals to slowly ease the patient back into sobriety. In other cases, medication is not necessary and patients will use natural methods of cleansing the body, or simply wait it out; this is not to say that their withdrawal process is pleasant. People who do not require detoxification in a medical facility still experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms; they just do not demand immediate medical attention.


The reason addicts experience withdrawal symptoms is directly related to the severity of their drug and alcohol dependence. People do not begin abusing drugs with the hopes of developing a dependence on the substance. Drugs change the brain chemistry in ways that make them nearly impossible to refuse. Repeated substance abuse causes the brain to compulsively crave more and more, regardless of the harmful consequences. People who experience severe symptoms during detoxification lack large amounts of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin in their brains. Withdrawal is not a choice; it is a direct effect of substance abuse.


Experiencing a drug or alcohol detox can be as uncomfortable as it is dangerous, regardless of the substance. The benefit of a drug rehabilitation program is that it provides ways in which to ease this process. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms is dependent upon the amount and frequency            of use.  They could also be influenced by the patient’s medical or psychological health history. The patient’s willpower will also determine how smoothly the process goes; even though willpower on its own is usually not enough to overcome a serious addiction. Besides admitting you have a problem and accepting help, the detox process is one of the most important steps in recovery. It is absolutely essential for all patients to have clean system at the start of the long-term recovery process.

Once the decision has been made to accept help for an addiction, and the withdrawal symptoms have subsided, patients may begin treatment. This is a long term commitment, not a quick fix. Addiction affects every aspect of your life. Do not live by the confines of this disease anymore. Oklahoma City Drug Detox can get you back on the right path. Call us today at (405) 543-2996.

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