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Alcoholism is so prevalent in the United States that over half of all Americans admit to addiction playing a major role in their family history. Due to the ease of access and acceptance of the substance, many still avoid alcoholism treatment because they are unaware that it is a serious disease that cannot be ignored. Many people can drink in moderation, but others let alcohol control their lives and ruin their relationships; these people need alcoholism treatment. It is never easy to ask for help with an addiction, and the staff at Oklahoma City Alcohol Rehab understands this. The alcoholism treatment program allows patients to come to terms with their addiction and encourages them to open up and allow themselves to be helped.

Millions of Americans are struggling with this chronic and commonly relapsing disease. They need to understand that they are not alone, and that the addiction that once ruined their lives, can be overcome. This rehabilitation center gives struggling addicts the confidence and recovery tools they need to put alcoholism behind them. We live in a society where drinking is a social norm, and it seems like every other advertisement out there is directed towards alcohol consumption. Due to this, strong willpower is simply not enough to make the life-changing decision to quit drinking. The individualized approach to the alcoholism treatment rehabilitation program we provide encourages patients to adopt new health choices that benefit both the body and mind. The unique holistic program prepares people not only for sobriety, but for a lifetime of recovery. Acceptance and detoxification are just the first steps. Learn how to take control of your life again, make long-term goals with us, and refuse to look back.

Our Approach to Alcohol Rehab

Our tailored and personalized alcohol treatment plan is the key to a successful recovery. This program is fully engaging, and gives patients the determination and confidence they need to beat the addiction. Alcohol rehabilitation provides:

  • Detoxification under medical supervision and wellness check
  • Individual therapy and counseling
  • Holistic therapies (massage, yoga, nutrition, recreation, music therapy)
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Outpatient support

This is just a broad sense of what our rehabilitation center offers. Within each of these components, there is room to tailor treatment. We work with individuals to define goals and expectations so they can begin a program that will allow them to fully participate in their recovery.

What do they hope to achieve with detox? What do they wish to understand and conquer during therapy? What do they feel is relapse prevention? What contributions can they make? By assessing questions such as these, patients realize that they do have the strength to make the change. The ability is in them as long as they harness their drive and discover what they truly want from the program. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. We can help you become dedicated to making a change, and build a support group to assist you every step of the way. If you want to know more about the alcohol rehab program provided by Oklahoma City Drug Treatment Centers, call us today at (405) 543-2996.

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