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Seeking addiction treatment is nothing to be ashamed of. The fight against drugs has gone on for decades, yet they are still found in the hands of millions of people. Addiction is such a powerful disease that people continue to abuse substances even though they are aware of the serious negative consequences they can cause. Those who do not seek addiction treatment risk incarceration, disease, and even death just to get their fix. Drugs distort the mind, body and spirit of the addict in such a way that he or she is blinded by the euphoric high, and can no longer make rational decisions. Addicts forget what a life without dependency is like; they will do whatever it takes to avoid sobriety unless they pursue addiction treatment. They live in a world where drug abuse dictates their every move and distracts every thought. Addiction treatment centers can help change this mindset and show patients the path to recovery as long as they are willing to make the change.

There is no liberty from addiction, no vacation they can go on to get away from the disease, just non-stop anxiety and stress related to where and how they will come across their drug of choice. As the euphoria fades with tolerance, addicts will require more of the drug and take it more frequently. After a while the euphoria becomes brief, and the addict must then continue using, not to achieve a high, but because their body is so dependent upon the drug that to quit using produces symptoms of sickness. Heroin addicts, for instance, will experience intensified flu like symptoms in addition to prolonged periods of depression and anxiety. These withdrawal symptoms can be so unpleasant that willpower alone is not enough to beat the addiction. Many addicts need to undergo a medical detox to aid them through this process. Fear of withdrawal is one of the largest hurdles to coax an addict over and to get them to seek treatment.

At Oklahoma City Drug Treatment Center, the approach is to have potential patients speak to our counselors on the phone. These are people who have been through treatment programs and understand the complexities of addiction. They know what the addict is going through, and they are trained to provide callers with more information about the steps they will be taking during recovery. They will explain the benefits a drug treatment center can provide. Fear is what keeps most people from reaching out, only to be followed by shame. Most people don’t believe they deserve help even though they want it.

Our addiction program has patients harness a higher power because it takes more than simply putting the drug down to end the dangerous cycle. Through individualized and group therapy sessions, a former addict gains the confidence needed to maintain a life of recovery. Oklahoma City Addiction Treatment Centers provide a safe place to heal. Detoxification, counseling, holistic therapies and wellness programs are offered to show patients they have the strength to beat the disease. Overcoming addiction is about getting healthy: healthy mind and body. Our counselors and medical staff assess all patients and create a detailed addiction treatment plan for detox and therapy that can be tailored as the patient progresses. The goal is to provide healing services and to prepare the addict for life outside the treatment center. If you are currently considering reaching out or maybe you know someone who needs help, call Oklahoma City Addiction Treatment at (405) 543-2996.

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