Oklahoma City Relapse Prevention and Drug Treatment

You or someone you know may have completed rehab, are now living a sober life, but there are times stress and anxiety build. These are the initial stages of what possibly could become a return to substance abuse. Here is a discussion of how lapsing back to abuse happens and how Oklahoma City relapse prevention and drug treatment centers help avoid this.

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Relapse Prevention

Many people with chemical dependencies or addictions with using drugs or alcohol, who have experienced time in recovery, commonly have difficulties staying sober. People returning to substance abuse are said to be in relapse. Relapse prevention plans developed and administered before relapse help avoid abandoning sobriety. A relapse prevention plan includes teaching people in recovery:

  • How social settings, emotional triggers, bad judgements and inattention to using coping mechanisms can lead to a return to abuse
  • How people can handle negative circumstances in constructive ways to avoid returning to abuse
  • How to anticipate situations and use positive behaviors with specific action plans to react to avoid the backslide

Knowledge gained from any past lapses assists in developing a plan by noting what preceded a prior episode. These specific points are then addressed to avoid it the next time.

Relapse Prevention Programs

Rehab centers with relapse prevention groups help to prevent relapsing. Attending a group educates participants about the early signs and how to use techniques and behaviors to avoid a slip. Sharing with those having the same issues is a major help, as peer support is an effective recovery technique to learn how to handle triggers and warning signs.

Relapse prevention strategies such as sober living homes, calling on a sponsor for support and attending individual counseling sessions help avoid a return to substance abuse.

Holistic therapies such as yoga, art therapy and biofeedback help people reduce stress and anxiety levels. Each of these prevention techniques are designed to keep an addict in recovery by treating behavior and causes of abuse.

Find different treatment options call Oklahoma City drug detox treatment centers. You can also visit your local Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.usrecovery.info/NA/Oklahoma.htm) to share your story and help other recovering addicts.

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