Oklahoma City Meth Addiction Rehab

Oklahoma City meth addiction rehab has become a necessary service due to the growing number of addicts in the area. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that can cause devastating physical and psychological effects in a short space of time. Meth addiction is a growing problem in America with an estimated 1.4 million people currently using the drug. Many people become addicted to meth after just one use due to the “rush” of confidence, energy and euphoria the drug brings. However, meth addiction quickly destroys a person’s health and mental functioning, and residential treatment offers addicts the best chance of safely overcoming their addiction.

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What Is Meth?

Meth is a bitter-tasting white powder that can be eaten, snorted, smoked or injected. Crystal methamphetamine is a purer version of the drug that is known on the street as ‘ice’ for its clear glass-like appearance. Meth can be created using common household chemicals, but the process is extremely dangerous due to poisonous vapors and a high risk of explosion.

Prevalence Of Meth

Oklahoma City has struggled with meth addiction for a number of years. Statistics show that Oklahoma is among the nation’s leaders in meth labs, arrests, addiction and cases. Meth has been surpassing cocaine as the drug of choice in the state over the last few years.

Symptoms of Meth Abuse

People that abuse meth for a long period of time often display the following symptoms.

Physical – Meth addicts will often pick at their skin obsessively to the point where large wounds will appear on the face and body. Users also lose their hair due to being malnourished. Meth mouth refers to a condition where an addict’s teeth will rot and fall out after prolonged use of the drug.

Mental – Meth abuse causes paranoia, hallucinations, violent behavior and changes in normal brain function.

Emergency rooms deal with around 130,000 cases of overdose due to methamphetamine each year, and 15 percent of those cases will result in a fatality.


Oklahoma City medical detox weans patients off meth safely, and recovery programs teach them ways to deal with future cravings to ensure a full recovery. Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.okna.org/) also help in recovery. Here, addicts can share experiences with like-minded people.

Don’t let meth addiction take over your life any longer. Seek help by calling drug detox treatment centers in Oklahoma City today!

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