Drug Addiction: Supporting the Addict in Your Life

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Do you have someone in your life that is addicted to drugs or alcohol?  They may be in denial or unable to reach out for the help they need.  This makes the support of family and friends critical for people in addiction.  Sometimes that support has to take the form of calling up drug rehab treatment centers to find out about treatment for drug addiction. Oklahoma City Drug Treatment Centers have addiction specialists that will be happy to talk to you about treatment availability for drug addiction. Call today (405) 543-2996

Drug addiction is a complex problem that touches the lives of those dealing with it in one way or another.  Unfortunately, the experience is almost always a negative one.

Exposure to a loved one in addiction can sometimes wreak real havoc on the lives of those who are not using or abusing drugs.  These are the men, women and children who become the victims of the disease.  Michael Botticelli, Acting Director of the National Drug Control Policy says…. “This issue touches every family and every community in one way or another.”

When a parent or spouse comes face to face with the fact that there is a substance abuse problem happening inside the home, emotions usually run the gamut from fear, anger, denial to outright panic.  How each person reacts to the news also determines whether their attitude and actions will help or hinder the drug abuser.  Sadly, these emotions are not unfounded.  The longer drug abuse continues the more deadly the consequences.  The drug user may not get well if left on their own. They continue to use until they end up in jail, become debilitated, cause the death of others through risky behavior or eventually die from an overdose or complications brought on by the drug use.

Hope for the addict rests more in the hands of the people who love and support them than is reasonable to understand. The accumulated use of drugs alters the addict’s brain to such a degree that they are, in most cases, unable to help themselves. This is where the support of family and friends plays a vital role.  Knowing what to do to help is crucial because doing the wrong thing can sometimes drive an addict out of reach where they then cannot be helped.

Some important things to do:

  1. Educate yourself about the medical, physical and psychological issues of the addiction that you are faced with.
  2. Stage an intervention. This is especially important if the addict is going through the denial phase.  Before you undertake this step however, remember that the ultimate goal of the intervention is to guide the addict towards recovery. Do not undertake this step lightly.  Find out the do’s and don’ts of conducting an effective intervention.
  3. In the interim, protect everyone concerned by removing yourself from harm’s way if the addict becomes violent or physically abusive. The knowledge that they have caused harm to their loved ones has been known to exacerbate rather than diminish drug use.  The abuser experiences feelings of guilt and a sense of helplessness and hopelessness which drives the need for more drugs to mask or drown those painful emotions.
  4. Make contact with a drug treatment center to determine the feasibility of getting your loved on into a rehabilitation program. Do not let concerns about cost, insurance coverage, inpatient and outpatient programs deter you from pursuing a medically supervised recovery program for your loved one.

If someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, it is important that they get proper treatment early.  Oklahoma City Drug Treatment Centers have the expertise to help you get your loved into a treatment program that is tailored for them. Call (405) 543-2996 for help today.

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